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I have been breeding purebreds for over 20 years. In the course of that time, I have used these

Maltese products items for my Maltese dog and their services for my Maltese that I would like to recommend these business Maltese product items to other Maltese owners.

Cowboy Magic Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner products made for horses but these products work wonders on Maltese coats, producing soft and angel-like results! I know they make a similar product "Mane & Tail, I think it's called) that many women use as a conditioner on their own hair, eliminating dry frizzies. On my Maltese, it makes them snuggle-soft, and it produces such soft, pet-able fur! These products are available all over the U.S., most likely at a local store near you -- use their store locator on their site to see where you can purchase.

Visit their website at Cowboy Magic Products.

I-Stain Eye Stain Remover

This stuff really, really works to get rid of the tear stain! I used this for a week and all tear stain was gone! It's great! It is a powder fed orally to your puppy and it has no antibiotics, drugs, or chemicals, but it works! I highly recommend it to any Maltese puppy owner. You can buy it at Thomas Vet Drugs.

Visit their website at Thomas Veterinary Drug.

Angels' Glow

Another tear stain product that really works! Your dog can be 100% tear stain free! Angels' Glow is the only product on the market that will eliminate unsightly tear stains from within. All topical products will only remove the stains temporarily, causing them to come back significantly worse than before.

I love this product because actually does work! And, I've recommended it to other breeders, friends who have Maltese, and I highly recommend it to all my new Maltese puppy owners.

Visit their website at Angel's Glow.

Little Dog Boutique

A dog boutique featuring Miss Tiara (TM) dog jewelry; the ultimate in designer little dog collars, dog jewelry, dog gifts along with items from other well-respected designers. This online boutique is dedicated to everyone who loves their pets and feels that the deserve the best in designer little dog collars, dog jewelry and dog gifts.

Visit their Web site at Little Dog Boutique.

Red Barn Products

I give all my angels Red Barn food rolls. I chop up the roll and put it in a seal-tight baggie. When I get the baggie out of the fridge, they all go nuts! They look at it as a treat and gobble it up instantly. It is fresh, high quality, choice cuts of fresh meat and wholesome grains (no corn, soy or beet pulp). Redbarn is 93% digestible--this means your Maltese puppy will be using all the goodness you provide him with much less clean up for you. The roll is specially prepared and packaged without oxygen allowing it to remain fresh at room temperature without artificial preservations. Redbarn is gently cooked in the casing allowing more nutrients to remain. Once opened, Redbarn must be treated like the fresh meat it is. Visit their Web site at Red Barn Products.

Solid Gold Dog Food

Solid Gold is the only food I feed my Maltese angels. They were one of the first pet food companies in the United States to use all natural ingredients in their products. Solid Gold offers dry food, canned food, treats and supplements. Their foods have helped many different breeds of animals who have skin allergies or other health problems -- that's how good it is. The all-natural ingredients are better for your puppy even if they don't have health issues. Because I want the very best for my angels, I ordered some and found that they simply love it! I highly recommend this food for your puppy.

Visit their website at Solid Gold Dog Food.

Nutri-cal ®

Nutri-Cal is high in calories and nutrients. Excellent for sick, stressed, young, and old pets with low appetites, it provides the extra energy dogs need. All my angels and puppies love it! This concentrated source of calories and nutrients provides the extra energy pets need. Puppies, active pets, older pets, and finicky eaters will also benefit from the fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins in this flavorful paste. 4-1/4 oz. tube. For dogs and puppies. Available at pet stores or from your vet.

Pure Paws Shampoo

Pure Paws shampoos are all I use on my Maltese coats. Their products are used by top breeders on the top show dogs seen at Westminster Kennel Club and the AKC Invitational. The brightening shampoo keeps my angel's coats soft and white and at their "angel-wing" best.

Visit their website at Pure Paws.

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