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Getting rid of Eye Stain
Using powdered buttermilk on dog's food to prevent tearstains ... Buttermilk help dogs with eye stains?&v=OltKCQeLJCU   Ultra Dry dog/puppy food formula which has the antioxidant you need for the eyes - mix in the dry dog/puppy food formula  recommended dosage per bag of DocRoy's B Strong and a small amount of powdered buttermilk and mix well! - Give them carrots on a daily basis or some blue berries as a treat - Fresh clean bottle water every day or filtered water from your refrigerator -

What I found that really works is to cut the hairs at the corners of your Maltese eyes twice a week, so that, the hair does not irritate the eyes.

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Maltese doing tricks

Puppies First Hair Cut

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Plucking the hair out of your Maltese Ears

How to trim your Maltese nails

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