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"Keep Vaccinations Current - Maltese Lovers"


Here is the Maltese Information for the puppy Maltese .

Our puppy Maltese are thoroughly vet examined for
health concerns before going to their adopted family.

The mother's first milk right after puppy's are born
provides them with a natural resistance against just about
all diseases for the first several weeks. After that, they
require vaccinations to keep their immune systems healthy.

Recommendation by veterinarian Dr. Stevens from
Sunburst Veterinarian Hospital at 602-938-1860
Inoculation is to be given 3 weeks apart starting at 6
weeks of age.... for example: 6, 9, 12, 15 and so on.

Things to think about ...
As a responsible owner of a new puppy Maltese it is highly
recommended to wait until your puppy reaches twelve
weeks of age to be adopted so that the puppy Maltese doesn't get
hypoglycemia when ever you are away from home.  

It is up to you to follow up and continue your puppy's
vaccination plus De-worming medication that has been

Puppy's that have to be flown to their destination
have to be twelve weeks of age.

Vaccine Recommendations:
Canine Distemper
Adenovirus Type 2
Parvovirus Vaccine

As a responsible breeder we take pride in the health and
condition of our puppies.  I will do everything in my
power to ensure that the puppy Maltese you take home today is free
of any sickness or disease.

We strive to have happy,
healthy, and well socialized puppies to adapt to their new
home environment.