Questions to Ask a Reputable Maltese Breeder

Here are some questions you should know the answers to before you purchase your Maltese, and my answers to those questions:


 How long have you been a breeder?
  I have been breeding my Maltese for ten years. I only breed purebred Maltese. My angels are all AKC registered, and are all voluntarily DNA tested through the AKC. At this time, the AKC does not require females to be DNA tested; however, I voluntarily have all my angels DNA tested to ensure the integrity your new puppy's bloodline. There is no opportunity for my angels to produce a litter of anything but purebred Maltese, as I have a strict breeding program. Please see the Papers and Pedigrees section of my site for more information as to why this is important.  What is involved in the sale of a puppy? Any conditions or guarantees that you can provide?
  Prior to the sale of the puppy, we will agree to the price, the amount of the deposit, when the balance is due prior to adoption, and how the puppy will be sent or delivered to you. I will provide you with a copy of the mother's and the father's AKC registration and verification of the DNA testing through the AKC of both parents. I also provide, from the vet, certification that the females have been tested and are free of any indication of brucellosis (an infectious disease caused by bacteria, which can cause sterilization of the male). You will also receive a their shot record, a photo album of their growth progess until purchase, and a health certificate for transportation purposes.

As a reputable breeder, if your puppy dies or is diagnosed with a disease within the first year that can be traced to either parent, I will replace your puppy or refund your money upon being provided with certification from your veterinarian that the cause of death or disease of the puppy was directly related to the parents' bloodlines. Obviously, I do not replace the puppy or refund money if the cause of death or disease cannot be proven to have originated from the parents, such as your puppy swallows a foreign object, or if the puppy was hugged or squeezed to hard and developed complications that caused death, etc.

If you want to breed or show the Maltese puppy you have purchased from me, I will require that you sign a breed or show contract with me prior to the sale of the puppy, and upon the signing of this contract, I will provide you with your AKC registration paperwork for the puppy. If you purchase a puppy for pet only, you will not receive AKC registration paperwork until you present proof from your vet that the puppy has been spayed or neutered. Puppies should not be spayed or neutered before six months of age. Upon receipt of vet's verification that this has been done, I will send you AKC registration papers so that you can register your Maltese. If you wait to sterilize your puppy until it is over one year of age, and then receive the papers from me to register the puppy, AKC will charge more for your registration due to the age of your puppy.

  Do you have references?
  Yes, I have many letters from my happy, adoptive parents. Please see the References section of my site to view some of the letters and pictures of my adopted angels. On this page, you will also see a letter of reference from my veterinarian regarding health and care of my angels.  How much do you charge for your Maltese puppies?
  Prices for my Maltese puppies are determined by the bloodlines of the sire and dam, and vary depending on the pedigree of each. The price of each Maltese puppy also is dependent on whether the new owner will want just a family pet only, or if the new owner intends to breed or possibly show their new Maltese puppy. The price for my Maltese puppies ranges from $1,050 to $2,550 depending on size, pedigree, and whether the puppy will be purchased for pet only or have possible show quality standards.  How do you determine whether a puppy is pet or show quality?
  I use the accepted guidelines and standards of a show quality Maltese to determine whether or not any of my puppies meet those standards, and then therefore have possible show qualities.  Can I visit you to see the parents and where the puppies are raised?
  Absolutely. I recommend that you do. Please also visit the sire, if possible. The owners of the sires of my girl's litters have agreed to allow visitation, also. If the sire is near by, we can arrange for you to see both sire and dam at the same time. Also, please ask to see the original pedigrees and DNA testing certificates for both dogs during your visit.  On what types of food and what kind of nutritional program have you kept the puppies?
  It is important to know what kind of food your puppy has been eating, and what type of vitamins your puppy has been taking. If you change the type of food and vitamin regimen for the puppy too quickly, the puppy can get diarrhea and become dehydrated. Reputable breeders will provide at least a week's worth of the same kind of food the puppy has been eating so you can successfully change the puppy's diet without causing illness. I send a puppy pack of food with every puppy I sell. It take at least a week to slowly add new food to the puppy's diet. Add the new food in increasing amounts, while decreasing the food the puppy is currently eating.  How old should the puppy be before being adopted by the new owner?
  No puppy should be taken from its mother before it has been weaned completely and is eating solid food on its own with no problems. Generally, it takes 8-12 weeks before a puppy can be adopted, because each mother will wean on different schedules depending on the puppy's

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