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SawStar's Maltese Puppy'sS

A Little About Us / We Breed Quality Maltese

Hello! My name is Stella Sawley. I was raised on a ten-acre ranch in Covelo, California. We raised many different kinds of farm animals, and, of course, we always had cats and dogs. Growing up on a farm my brothers and I had many different chores to do. I learned to respect nature and appreciate all of the animals that we owned & raised. We had a lot of responsibilities caring for our animals.
Growing up, I always loved the beautiful, silky, elegant look of the teacup Maltese. I always dreamed of owning one. That day finally came in 1997. I bought my first AKC Maltese in Santa Rosa, CA.

Missy was my top dog and she let me know it! She came from a litter of four and she was the smallest cutest big eyed puppy you ever saw. I just had to have her! We had some friends that encouraged us to show Missy and ever since then we have had the love for the breed.

Stella means star, and then I took the first three letters of Sawley and combined the two that’s how I came up with the name SawStar's Maltese for my kennel name. 

We have been a breeder of AKC Maltese since 1997. We home-breed Maltese on a small scale, making sure each puppy gets lots of love and attention they deserve.

Most of our Maltese puppies mature at 4 to 6 pounds; although on occasion we do have smaller ones.

We breed according to the AKC Maltese standards and when we have an extraordinarily nice pup we have on occasion kept them for ourselves. 

Our puppies are well socialized and loved inside our home as part of our family. I sometimes like to have fun with them dressing them up in clothing and taking their picture.

You can be reassured that you are purchasing into top quality healthy happy loving puppies with an out going personality. There are no shy puppies here!

Our puppies are truly loved with no health issues and we do not inbreed.

We invite you to come by our home and meet our little puppies, their parents and to see just how they are being raised in a fresh smelling clean home environment without being caged, to insure the well being and happiness.

Our puppies are not limited to looks and quality that the dog is, but genetics and health are high priorities in our program.
We try very hard to place our puppies in good loving homes. We do not sell to commercial breeders, pet stores for resale, large kennels, or any other environment were they won’t get the love and attention they deserve.
We have extraordinarily nice baby doll face puppies, offering top show line A.K.C quality dogs. Our Maltese puppies are home-raised inside our home with lots of love, healthy and full of energy, ready for "YOU". We breed according to the AKC standards. Our sires & dams are all within the 4-6 lb. range, which produce gorgeous petite & compact puppies. 
Our passion for these wonderful small, healthy, sweet tempered companion with beautiful silky white hair, there is no compare — they're loved, cuddled, and spoiled.

Each puppy will have a complete care package, vet checked, dewclaw’s removed , up to date vaccinations and ed-wormed.

You will have 24/7 of my support.


Laura Walters

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