"Maltese Personality by Sun Signs Zodiac Symbol"

As with all Sun sign information, there will rarely be a creature that exhibits the pure energy of just one Sun sign as we are all living combinations of all of the 12 Sun Sign energies." So states carol Lavoie, C.Ast., NCGR Level IV, Certified Counseling Astrologer. She has charted each Sun sign in relation to pet personality, to help you determine your pet's needs, expressions, and behaviors. Find your Maltese's personality traits associated with the Sun sign of their birth by choosing the appropriate zodiac symbol.

The Aries pet, whether female or male, is full of pep and could make your running shoes smoke! This pet will demand your undivided attention and literally push everyone out of the way in order to get you nose to nose! They are aggressive, bark loudly, and are the first to jump to attention when they hear the jingle of the leash, or to greet you at the door. No matter how small their stature, they will challenge the largest animal, and then run away like crazy.

Rambunctious, adventurous, eager to explore, and very active, they need lots of time to run and play. They are restless and fidgety, so confinement is uncomfortable. Open spaces with lots of frisbee is a necessity! You'll notice, too, that they might not be particularly graceful, so put your treasured breakables in a safe place. And, watch how they seem to always hit their heads while playing!

Despite their playful attitude, they are very intelligent, learning that new trick in a flash. Loveable and affectionate, your Aries pet will sporadically demonstrate affection in brief spurts. Food is inhaled if they can stand still in one place long enough! Oh, yes, they can get easily tangled, so keep the leads short and the jeweled collars and frills for the Taurus and Leo pets.

Your Taurean pet loves creature comforts. Pampering is a must! They can be very finicky with their food, and often will select just those tasty morsels from the bowl and demand particular table scraps. If you allow it, the Taurus pet will indulge in rich gravies and other succulent human foods, but be careful, as these could upset his digestion.

They love to be stroked and massaged for endless hours at a time, often nudging your hand to continue. You'll see them wanting to sleep on silk, satin, or warm, soft fleece blankets...nothing harsh or scratchy for them! This pet can be good with children, but needs to be your #1 child. Staid and stubborn, you might find this pet rather lazy, preferring to lounge the day away rather than go for a good long run. Consequently, weight gain is easy for them.

These pets train relatively easily, but do not like to change patterns once they are set...moving their bed or food is not to their liking. Keep toys and chewies on the softer side, as they do not like to work that hard for pleasure. And, be sure that their bejewelled collars are loose enough for full mobility and breathing room.

Your Geminian pet is social and fun, and very friendly to almost anyone! This pet is an explorer, and sometimes a wanderer. They are so curious about everything and seem to love to look out windows and watch TV. But they are easily distracted. Often they will pick up a toy and immediately drop it for another. Food is eaten sparingly... often they might even forget to eat!

Being somewhat high strung, they are not guard pets in the true sense of the word, but their sense of smell and hearing are acute, and they will alert you to strange sounds. They can be a pacer, and rarely sit still long enough to be a constant companion.

They are very vocal, and easily pick up or express themselves with new sounds. This pet actually talks to you with moans, sighs, whimpers, and all sorts of vocalizations!

Frequently, they have a sensitivity in their paws and will spend time grooming them. Be careful clipping their nails, as they can bleed excessively if the quick is cut. Breathing and lung conditions frequently visit these pets. Traveling is quite easy and they usually enjoy the variety and rhythmic movement immensely.

This pet is not fussy with food or bedding or even toys, and some of the best chewies are just old socks. His winning temperament is so gently, accepting, and playful, that no child can resist him.

Your cancer pet is one of the most affectionate lovers of home! Rarely will this pet wander or leave the property. This pet loves the security of his own space and needs a safe spot that is just his. Often they will hide under a blanket or in a box and make their protective nest inside something. This pet will bury things, protect its owner and young children, as well as its first love -- food, which they do not want to share. They can hoard food and stash it away, and weight gain occurs in a blink! You might need to set out portions for your cancer pet. Be consistent with their brand of food, as their digestive systems are sensitive.

This pet is easily trained (food is a good reward!), and loves to please its master. Never use food as punishment. This pet will be your shadow, thrives on your affection, and wants to be with you as much as possible. Don't be surprised that your pet carries his food into the room where you are to eat with you.

The pet born under the sun sign of cancer is very sensitive to your moods, and will sense when something is wrong. They are sensitive to your voice, and will cower if you yell at them. Lots of hugs and pats are needed so they feel loved. They can be moody at times, but mostly you'll see a good nature to this obedient and loving pet. Belly rubs are a must, and this pet will want to sleep with you!

Your Leo pet is a delight, always perky and upbeat, playful and doing tricks as they vie for your attention. This pet loves to be the center of attention, so teach him many tricks and watch him delight in his repertoire. Grooming, preening, petting -- any form of attention is welcomed by this pet, and the more you lavish on him, the more he wants! It's an unending demand!

This regal pet will always cut a striking pose and make heads turn, no matter what the pet or breed. Their swaggering stance shows that they are proud and full of themselves. No confidence crisis here! They know they are entitled to demand what they want, and they command leadership. Watch as they lead the other pets in play or activities. They love to play and also bask in the sunshine or by a roaring fire. They are loyal, and yet will visit others if it pleases them.

Their need to be #1 might make them feel upstaged by small children, or even other pets. This pet will stretch often and groom himself frequently. His food tastes can be demanding and specialized. His even temperament is a joy, and his affection is undying and unconditional, no matter what you do to him.

Your Virgo pet is very dedicated. This more serious pet will be involved with self-grooming and cleanliness. Be sure that the environment is neat and clean, and the place for this pet's toilet (if not outside) is cleaned each day. Food requirements can be a bit more difficult, as this pet might be quite picky with what he will eat. When you find the right combination, stick with it! Keep them on a strict routine for eating and frequent walks, as their digestion can be easily upset.

These pets are not messy. Their bed will be neat and uncluttered. They are wonderfully obedient, and are excellent at fetching and working in a convalescent home. This pet loves to do things for people, so the more things you teach him to do, the happier he will be.

Not being kissers or lickers, they are still quite affectionate, and respond quickly to a warm, loving hand or a kind whisper of approval. Their needs are scanty, but cleanliness is a must, and they adore grooming. Brushing, washing, stroking, looking for parasites, massages, scratching, are all things that will show them that you love them. Not necessarily being climbers, these pets might prefer time along or sitting on the bare floor.

Your Libran pet thrives on the company of either you or another pet. They do better when there is a companion, preferably of the opposite sex, with which they can relate. If they must be alone, they will seek out your clothing or personal items to be able to relate with you. They are very affectionate pets who love to lick and kiss.

They have a great sensitivity to music, and can be easily trained to the sound of bells, chimes, whistles, and music. Their gentle disposition is good for children, but they are not the rough-and-ready type of pet who likes to "rough house" for play.

They seem to have something very pretty about their conformation and facial structure, and a very sweet disposition. They love the sweet treats, like fruits. They are usually dainty eaters, and grow fearful when loud noises or chaos is around them. They are usually very well behaved critters, no matter what their breed, and visits to the vet put them on their best behavior.

They generally retreat from fights or threats, or just hide. They are easily stressed, and can go off food quickly or even lose fur. In their environment, have some soothing music playing for them to keep them restful and relaxed.

Your Scorpion pet is quiet, intense, magnetic, brooding, and very loyal. Self-contained, they sit and observe before making a calculated move on whatever has their attention. This pet is a dynamo of mystery, intelligence, and curiosity. You never quite know what they are plotting next! They might be the culprit who is snooping in the garbage for that bone you tossed out yesterday and making a mess.

This pet is also very stubborn, and you must look him straight in the eye when giving commands so they know that you're in charge! They would love control, and will buck you until they know where they stand. They are very jealous and possessive of food, toys, and their owner. They are an "all or nothing" pet, and will either gobble all their food in a flash, wolfing it down, or snub it and avoid it completely.

This is probably the most "one owner" pet that there is, loyal and trustworthy, demanding the same from his owner. Hurt feelings and anger will make him vengeful, and he can demonstrate that by getting even in an unsavory manner and showing his destructive side.

If you introduce a new pet to your Scorpio pet, do it very slowly, as Scorpio can get very jealous. They are very protective as a parent to offspring, and will defend their young to the end. This, too, can be a very powerful work pet, enduring hardships of weather and other environmental conditions, and rising to the occasion of incredible heroism.

Your Sagittarius pet is an active one! A lover of play and outdoors with a need to exercise with ample space to roam, this pet can get along with almost everyone and every other pet. Sagittarius pets are not usually high maintenance or finicky, but very accepting of what it is given. A bed, food, water, and occasional company is about it!

They have a very accepting nature and rough-housing is usually welcomed. These pets can do well on the streets, or in a casual environment. They can be let alone for long periods without any fuss. They are independent, and like to do things in their own time, but are not really stubborn about obeying. They are not deliberately resisting you or challenging you, they just will simply ignore you until they see you mean business, and then with a willingness, do what you want!

They might be a bit clumsy and a little noisy. Sometimes, they will alert you to sounds or intrusions, and other times, they might just want to finish that dream of playing tag first!

They seem to have a very upbeat temperament, but are not jittery or high-strung. These pets can often have problems with their hips and legs. Routine exercise (long walks are wonderful) is usually a must for them. Your Sagittarius pet will delight and please everyone.

Your Capricorn pet is very stable and mature in behaviors, serious-minded and very well mannered. This is a pet that is usually very easy to train and can be a winner at shows, work as a guide dog or rescue pet, or be used as a model in obedience training. The flashing lights from being photographed might frighten this pet.

From early on, you will see that this pet may physically mature later than most, but behaviorally, they will act like the adult of his species. This is a no-nonsense pet with Spartan needs. Aimed at pleasing the owner, they will respond quickly to commands. A loyal and steadfast friend, this pet will not let you down.

Often they are good at hunting and enjoy a very structured routine. They are a responsible pet, rarely making mistakes at what they are taught to do. This pet might have a sleek stature, a certain elegance and command about his presence, and stand tall and lean. It can be his teeth and bones that need most attention.

Small children can be tolerated, but considered an annoyance, as this pet prefers work or responsible tasks to frivolous play. Feeding

times should be regular, and his food nutritious without the frills.

Your Aquarian pet is a one of a kind! They are usually very stubborn, willful, and independent. This pet needs clear-cut guide lines and rules. Training should be started early, with consistent reinforcement. They will run away when you command, "come here," even after obedience school. Yes, reverse psychology works very well on them!

Being aloof, distant, and restless, this pet does not like to be fenced in and will wander. If you go for a walk, give him free reign, and notice how he walks by your side, then scampers off for some time and returns to greet you and leaves again. Collars, leashes, and restraints are resisted.

This pet will share affection on his terms and frequently spends much time alone. They are their own entertainment center, so when boredom strikes, they find things to do...and sometimes will wreak havoc in his environment, tearing things up and being destructive.

They are intelligent, friendly, and love to play. Watch small children and smaller pets, as obedience is not their strong point, and their behaviors are not very predictable. Grooming this pet might be difficult as they will rebel if they are not in the mood for a grooming! After that nice bath, they will gleefully jump into the nearest mud puddle! Your Aquarian pet will keep you guessing all the time.

Your Pisces pet is a very loving, gentle, sensitive and emotionally attuned pet. They can intuit how you feel, and if you are sad, they will be right by your side to console you. When resting, they will often site right on your feet! The crave affection and need a lot of your time to hug and pet.

By nature they are shy and need a sensitive owner who is responsive to these needs. They are not competitive or aggressive. Playful, yes, but not in a rowdy way. They can frighten easily and do not take to strangers that quickly.

This pet can be more susceptible to inclement weather and disturbances in the home. Soft music is restful for them and soothing. They may love the water and being bathed, but be sure they are totally dry before returning to their normal routine.

They are collectors, and may want one of your garments to sleep with and feel secure. They might also like a night light to sleep. Their constitution is strong but fragile when stress is constant.

These pets often have large, sleepy, watery eyes, and eyebrows and ears that are expressive of how they feel. When being disciplined, be sure to forgive quickly and show it with hugs and love.

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