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If your heart's set on purebred puppies the first step is to find dog reputable dog breeders who knows what they are doing.

What Is The Right Puppy For You"

Do you want a puppy for show, breeding or just a  

There are different qualities you will be looking for each
Wanting a Pet?

If you want a pet or companion you will be able to get
one pretty reasonable but it might have some flaws that
would keep it from being a breeder or show dog. These
flows might be:

  * Poor Coat - curly, woolly, cottony
or to  thin, instead of smooth and silky.

  * Weak Pigmentation - The rim around the eyes,
the noise, and the foot pad should all be  black
if any of  these things are not black
it is considered a flow.

  * Incorrect tail set - Tail might not curl over the
back properly or drop down or be straight.

  * Poor top line - back might slope and not be level.

  * Incorrect size or too small - Maltese standard size is
4 - 7 but 4 - 6 is preferred.

  * Both testicles - (in a male) has not dropped down


  * Incorrect-bite or overbite is considered a flaw.

  * Front legs not straight - having Chondrodysplasia
- Fiddle Front can be hereditary.
It's a genetic disorder  in dogs which manifests itself in
puppies born with crippling deformities,eventually
evident in the abnormal shape and length of their limbs.

Want it for Breeding?
There is a fine line between breeding and show quality. A
breeding dog and show dog should have none of these
flaws listed above. How ever it might have a minor flow
from winning in the show ring. No really small female
should be used for breeding. Often a breeder will sell a
prospective show quality dog as a breeder.

To Show?
If you are interested in a show quality dog, it is
wiser to wait until puppy is at 12months old. At 12 weeks
of age the puppy can be sold as “prospective” show
quality but true determination cannot be made until at
least 6 months. By this time their 2nd (or permanent)
teeth are in and all possibility of overbite or under-bite
can be ruled out. You will be able to fully assess it’s
movement, structure, and coat quality and determine how
closely it adheres to the breed standards. You can
determine if it has the outgoing personality needed
for the show ring. Remember that no dog is perfect but
you can tell at this point if it’s future in the show ring is